The Best Places For Beautiful Bookcases

By May 31, 2023Space, Storage
innovative space saving storage design - bespoke storage wall in london

Bookcases are a beautiful and creative way to add life to your home and give you a space for your favourite books and décor. When designing a bookcase for your home, there are a few important things to consider – one of which being its placement. Today, we’ll point out some of the best spots to add a bookcase so that it truly adds to your home and fulfils its potential!

A Spare Living Room Wall

Living rooms make for a great bookcase space that can help to create a more homely feel. If you have a spare wall, a nice big bookcase can add some creative flair that’s both brilliant to observe, and practical to use!

innovative space saving storage design - bespoke storage wall in london

For a striking statement, a full length and full height bookcase can completely transform your room, giving you plenty of space for your favourite books, photos, art pieces, flowers, and more! 

As A Broken Plan Living Divider

Broken plan living has become more popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Custom bookcases are a fantastic way to divide up the space you have without completely blocking it off.

Not only do you get a great centrepiece in your open room, but it acts as a functional storage space that can break up noise and provide you with a visual divide to split your different living areas!

In Your Hallway

Hallways and entryways are often overlooked when it comes to design – usually limited to a few framed photos for decoration. Adding a bookcase to your hallway or entryway is perfect for making a more interesting entrance to your home.

It could also become a functional feature that gives you somewhere for things like keys and cards so that you never misplace them again – everyone knows how annoying that can be!

As A TV Surround

As we mentioned before, the living room is a great space for a beautiful bookcase design – but it’s not just a spare wall that can be the ideal spot. Creating a TV wall that incorporates a bookcase is a unique way to get more out of the room and create a stunning entertainment space.

The design below is one that we created for a client that turned a standard space into something really special!

Spare Room Library 

If you’re big on books and have a spare room around that you’ve never been sure on what to do with, creating a quiet library space could be perfect for your downtime! 

With more space to work with, bookcase options here are endless – giving you the freedom to create the home library you’ve always dreamed of. 

As A Bed Surround

We absolutely love the vibe that a bed-surrounding bookcase gives your bedroom! It makes the room feel much cosier and calmer. With the unlimited colour choice of a bespoke bookcase, you can tailor it perfectly to match the rest of the room and the mood you’re looking for!

And where better to have access to your favourite reads just before bed?!

Bookcases are such a great way to make your home more special and there are lots of places you could add one. Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration as to where might make the best spot in your home!