About Us

Lime Interiors was established in 2007 by Gary Grant and Greg Binstead to renovate – design and enhance interiors and exteriors of homes in North London and Hertfordshire. We want everyone that moves into a home renovated or designed or built by Lime Interiors to feel within the first few seconds of entering their new home, that they have walked into a property individually built and finished to their bespoke requirements. We spare no expense in finishing every aspect of a home and we bring in the best people in our industry to ensure we meet all our clients’ needs. You will find in a home that has had the Lime Interiors touch, that all of the products and materials we use are from high end – top quality suppliers.

Actions speak louder than words though, when it comes to buying your new or renovated home, so rather than talk the talk, we prefer to involve you – our client – now in what we do from the outset, so we would encourage you to call us and ask us any questions you have and review the portfolio of properties we have renovated or come and meet us at one of our new developments.