Hideaway Home Offices

The need for a well-organised, dedicated workspace is unquestionably on the rise. With many of us now working at home full time, moving to a part home office, part in-office structure, or with kids learning, a home working area is extremely important.

It’s often tricky to integrate a working space into any area of your home, especially when you want to maintain a modern, uncluttered home aesthetic. 

At Fitted Interiors by Lime, we passionately understand the desire to maximise functionality whilst keeping design a priority. That’s why we’ve developed our hideaway home office units – a stunning, high-end solution that gives you great usability when you need it, and beautiful design when you don’t. 

Our hideaway home offices are perfect for spaces small or large, and are fitted with everything you need to make the most out of your productive space. When they’re not in use, simply fold it away and our unit will transform into a beautiful piece of furniture that takes your room to the next level.

Design matters

As we have demonstrated with our previous design projects, each and every one of our new home office units will be finished to perfection. Our focused design process ensures that every last detail receives attention, until we are entirely happy with the final piece.

We recognise the aspiration to maintain a high-end, stunning home look. We also understand that a home office might need to be set up in one of your main rooms, which is why our units have been designed with a focus on providing you with something of utmost quality, that looks amazing, every time.

By calling Greg & Gary today, you can tailor your home office unit to your space. Simply call the phone number below to get started with creating your bespoke design. No matter where your new hideaway home office goes, it’s going to look great and level up the design of any room.