Custom Built TV Media Walls

Have you always wanted the home cinema feel, but never had enough space? Enter the Bespoke TV Media Wall! The ultimate living room conversion to give you the perfect space for your downtime.

Our TV media walls incorporate all of your entertainment in one, seamless space that’s designed beautifully to compliment the rest of your home. By hiding your cables, building in concealed speaker ports, and integrating custom shelving, you’ll have a gorgeously clean media zone for all of your favourites.

Hide away the PlayStation 5 and link it up for the kids – and the adults too of course – or conceal your TV and WiFi boxes for the ultimate clutter-free setup.

Bespoke Is At The Heart Of Our Design

We can tailor your new TV media wall to suit whichever space you want – the size, colours and layout are all completely customised to fit your property and space. Choose bespoke shelving, cupboards, and lighting to create a functional, yet elegant unit.

Thanks to the customisability of our TV Media Walls, they’re a great solution for a wide range of purposes! Simply want to upgrade your relaxation space? Easy! Looking to add value to a high-end investment property? No problem! Interested in developing your commercial property, including hotels, offices, and Airbnb’s? Sorted!

Whichever implementation suits your requirements, get in touch with us today to discuss your bespoke entertainment unit.