Broken-Plan Living – What Is It And Why’s It Popular In 2022?

By December 1, 2022Interior Design

We’re willing to bet you’ve heard of open-plan living by now – it’s a great way to open up spaces and create multifunctional spaces that can be shared by everyone at home. But have you heard of “broken-plan living” before? It too has become a popular way to layout homes that moves away from completely individual rooms and aims to create more open space. So what exactly is it, why’s it so popular, and how can you create a “broken-plan” space?

What Actually Is Broken Plan Living?

Broken-plan spaces are pretty much the middle ground between traditional separated rooms and fully open-plan spaces. 

Areas are kept open with fewer walls cramping the space, however various “zones” are created with the use of split levels, display units or bookshelves, or semi-permanent partitions.

This creates a great balance of open spaces that can still serve separate functions!

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Why Is Broken Plan Living Popular?

It’s easy to see why this way of designing your home is a popular one – it gives you the best of both worlds.

Your home can still be opened up to create a bright and spacious layout with no walls getting in the way to make rooms feel smaller or block out light. 

And at the same time, you’re still able to partition areas off from one another, creating handy separation between activities like working from home or studying, and relaxing in your downtime on the sofa. 

Plus, it’s a great way to improve the design of your home, with the use of beautiful bespoke bookcases, glass partitions, display units, and double-sided fireplaces!

How To Create A Broken-Plan Living Space

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are the best way to create a broken-plan living space if you’re looking to maximise light. They’re perfect to use if you just want to limit noise from a certain room, or perhaps want to limit kitchen smells.

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Wooden Partitions

Wooden partitions give you more design options, with countless varieties of wood and patterns. They can give your space a modern natural feel and are great for giving you more visual separation between different zones or spaces.

Split Levels

Using different floor levels for each of your different zones allows you to separate spaces without losing any light or interrupting sightlines. Varying floor heights can give each section a different feel; for example a low floor in your kitchen opens it up to be nice and spacious, with a higher floored living space creating a cosier feel.

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Display Unit

Beautiful display units give you a space to add your favourite ornaments and useful items whilst creating a barrier between the zones of your broken-plan space. They’re an incredibly stylish option when it comes to creating a broken-plan living area that’re sure to stand out and improve the design of your home!

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Bespoke bookcases look great in any space, but they’re even better when used in a broken-plan area! They can be built nice and big with a double-sided design that really catches the eye.

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Freestanding Fireplace / TV Wall

A fireplace and TV unit is often at the heart of a living room, so why not make it the heart of your broken-plan space! Freestanding fireplaces can even be built double-sided to give you access and better heating in multiple zones.

Have you ever thought about creating a broken-plan space within your home? Which method would you use to create the perfect division between your “zones”?

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