Things You Should Consider When Planning A Design Project

By October 13, 2022Interior Design

Are you looking to improve your home, whether it’s a bespoke piece of furniture, a room remodel, an entire renovation, or just anything that’d breathe new life into your favourite space? Before embarking on the project, there are a few things that you should consider and that need to form part of your plan so that you get the absolute most out of it that you can! A significant change to the place you spend most of your time in should always be thought out properly.


The very first thing to think about is what you actually want to get out of your design project. What purpose are you doing it for? Without knowing and understanding this, you could end up with a final result that doesn’t even come close to filling the hole that you wanted it to!

Think specifically about what it is that you want for your home. More space? More storage? Better / more practical storage? Simply nicer looking? More modern functionality? There are countless ways you can improve your home but it’s important to establish which one your motivator is. This will help you to get exactly what you need and want out of the new design!

Time Frame

Depending on the scale of your design project, it could be done relatively quickly, or it might be an ongoing process that takes several months. It’s a good idea to take this into consideration and plan around any busy periods to avoid extra difficulties during the project.

If you know that you’ll be having a full room redesigned and remodelled, bear in mind that this’ll be a longer process that will likely keep the space out of action for a while. Plan this around times when you might not rely on the space as much or during quieter periods so that it’s not overwhelming.


When it comes to interior design and home design, you pretty much get what you pay for. Cheaper work will leave you with cheaper materials, less complex designs, and work that probably won’t last as long. Spending more on the other hand gives you a lot more options with your design and what you can get out of it, especially when it comes to customisation and lasting quality. 

You need to carefully consider what your budget allows for and how much you’re willing to put towards this particular home improvement. If you’ve only got a certain budget, make this clear to everyone involved from the beginning. If you’re uncertain of how much you want to spend, it might be a good idea to get some quotes first and see if the designs and costs live up to what you want for your dream space.


Specific styling can be tricky, especially to get it right from the get-go. However, you should try to establish a few general styles that you’d be happy with or that would fit your space, before you get started.

Not only will this help you to stay on track with finding the right designs, pieces, and solutions throughout the project, but it’ll hugely help anyone you work with like designers, suppliers, and builders. This will help everyone to find the best materials and pieces for the design and will produce and end result that’s what you wanted it to be.

People / Collaboration

Lastly you should think about who you might work with on this design project. Are you going to go it alone and source and build everything without help, or are you going to work with professionals who can help to make the process easier and extract more value out of the project?

If you’re planning on working with people, you need to choose someone who you know can fulfil your design’s requirements and who will work closely with you, listening to what you want from your new design. Make sure you do significant research on different businesses and groups to avoid making any mistakes!

Once you’ve made a decision, create a helpful brief that let’s those who will help you of exactly what it is that you need and want. If you’re unsure on that part, you can always ask for inspiration from the pros!

What project will you be starting next? We’d love to hear about your exciting new design wishes in the comments!