The Benefits of Bespoke Storage Solutions

By July 12, 2022Space, Storage
why bespoke storage solutions are the best way to go about adding storage to your home

Every home needs storage, there’s no way of escaping it. Whether it’s in your
kitchen for dishes and utensils, in your living room for general bits and pieces or
books, or in your bedroom for clothes, you can virtually never have too much storage
space! With that being said, many homes don’t have the ideal spaces for a lot of
storage without cramping the style, so what’s the best way to go about adding it to
your home? We’ll show you a few reasons why nothing else matches up to the
quality and design of bespoke storage solutions!

Maximise Your Space

As we said, space is one of your biggest issues when it comes to storage – you don’t
want to end up cramping your living spaces or ruining your design just for the sake of
squeezing everything behind closed doors.

Bespoke storage solutions allow you to customise your options so that they
maximise whatever space you do have, without it becoming overbearing. A bespoke
wardrobe for example can home exactly everything that you need it to, without going
over the top on extra space that’s probably of little use to you; something you may
experience with an off-the-shelf solution.

Fit To Your Needs

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to cram your stuff into whichever space
it’ll physically fit into! Drawers don’t shut properly, things get lost, and there’s just no
organisation to it when you don’t have full control over where it goes.

Whatever your storage needs might be, a bespoke solution has got you sorted.
Thanks to the customisation it can go through, your new storage can house exactly
what it needs to, in the right place. Any combination of drawers, racks, rails,
cupboards, and shelves you need, bespoke storage solutions can provide. No more
ravaging through over-filled drawers only to find it was in a different one all along!

Expertise And Design Input

One of the greatest benefits to going bespoke is that you’ll get the valuable input
from your designer, who’ll be able to help you get the absolute most out of the

They’ll be able to help you find the best spots to add storage, which layouts might fit
your needs the best, how you can keep your space light when adding to it, which
materials and colours would look best for your space, and provide you with
innovative insights on clever features that you could add to provide easier access or

Quality For Life

A bespoke storage solution will utilise a range of the highest quality materials and
fixtures, along with a layout and structure that will guarantee the long-lasting
condition of your new storage. Doors can be made to be opened just the right
amount to avoid hitting any walls or corners, hinges can be placed where they’ll
remain stronger for longer, and sturdy high-end materials used throughout the build
enable your storage to look pristine for decades to come!

Fits Even The Most Awkward of Spaces

A standard storage unit or wardrobe rarely ever fits exactly into a space, especially if
you’ve got an awkward corner or sloping ceiling. By going bespoke, your new
storage space can be designed to fit whichever area you need, regardless of how
fiddly it might be. This allows you to use spots you might otherwise not have been
able to access, and truly maximises the use of space within your home.

Easier Maintenance

With the inability to fit most off-the-shelf solutions perfectly to a space, comes the
need for more frequent cleaning and maintenance. It could be a plug socket, a
switch, a skirting board, or any other range of issues that cause your wardrobe or set
of drawers to stick out just a few centimetres.

Unfortunately those few centimetres are all it takes for things to fall behind and dust
to build up quickly. Alternatively, a bespoke storage solution is able to fit tightly to the
space its designed for, which can make it much less of an issue with dust build ups
and lost items falling down the sides!