Tech Ideas For Your TV Wall – Building The Perfect Entertainment Space

By August 16, 2023TV Media Walls

Your home should always be your go-to enjoyable space, where you can relax and spend time with friends and family. Creating a living room that you truly love is part of what we do at Fitted Interiors by Lime, and there are loads of great ways to do so! One improvement that can transform the space the most is a TV / Entertainment wall and there are some great features you can add to give your home the ultimate luxurious feel. 

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on modern tech features that enhance a standard TV wall design!


Adding lighting to different parts of your TV wall is a great way to level up the aesthetics and make your room instantly more modern. There are several types of cable-less lighting that you could have built into your design, each adding a different but equally luxurious vibe.

Edge lighting adds a striking mood to the to the whole room whilst, whilst lighting your shelves and storage space gives your entertainment wall an elegant look that’s practical as well!

Smart TVs

Part of every TV wall – unsurprisingly – is the TV, and depending on your choice this can be another tech feature that makes your entertainment space that much more enjoyable to use. Opting for a smart TV gives you quick access to all of the features and applications you’ll ever need for consuming your favourite content!

Access all of your streaming channels including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney Plus and more. You can even browse the web, listen to music, and play games all directly from your TV with quick-search and voice controls so that everyone can find just what they’re after without having to get up!

Bluetooth Soundbars

Thanks to most TVs now having Bluetooth capabilities, building in a wireless soundbar is perfect for a modern entertainment wall. Now you’ve got something that gives you much better sound than your TV’s speaker and you don’t need to worry about cables to connect it.

Making use of a wireless soundbar has another benefit too – allowing you to connect any of your devices so that you can stream content from your phone or tablet as well, listen to music, and amplify your device gaming. 

Wireless Connectivity

Everything we’ve mentioned so far can be integrated into a wireless system, so ensuring that you’ve got sufficient wireless connectivity is important in making your modern entertainment space as functional as it can be.

All of your lighting can be setup on WiFi so that you can control it from wherever you are, whenever you’d like. Speakers, consoles, and TVs can all benefit from Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity too, so make sure it’s all well within range of your entertainment wall.

Wireless Charging Docks

In keeping with the wireless theme – why not when it’s both practical and looks great! – building wireless charging into your wall is another cool way to modernise your room whilst adding functionality you’ll actually benefit from!

Many phones, tablets, and headphones all support wireless charging now and it’s a great way to boost battery without having to worry about keeping cables out. Building wireless charging docks into the surfaces or shelves of your TV wall is super slick way to create the perfect charging areas that you don’t even have to think about!