Top Interior Design Trends For 2022

By December 7, 2021Food for thought
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In the last year or two, we saw our homes become more multifunctional than ever before. With the likes of offices, restaurants, bars and pubs, and cinemas closed for long periods of time, we were suddenly doing much more at home. Will this multifunctionality continue in 2022, and what are going to be some of the most popular interior design trends for the year ahead?

Natural Materials & Sustainability

As more and more of the population pay attention to their impact on the environment, sustainable and organic materials are going to become more widely used in 2022. 

The use of reclaimed woods, sustainably produced fabrics, recycled metals and glass will be a common trend as people look to upgrade the style of their home to match the sustainable movement.

Reimagining The Living Space

Making more of the space in your home to create multifunctional areas is going to be another top interior design trend in 2022. With things like working from home, enjoying more entertainment at home, and more people cooking from home, living areas will become much more purposeful.

Integrated home offices, upgraded functional kitchen and dining areas, and entertainment rooms will likely be priorities for anyone looking to change up and improve their home’s design in 2022.

Embracing Curves

Whilst sharp edges and cornered designs have been popular over the last few years, the popularity of softer feeling curvy furniture is returning. 

Curved sofas, tables, and kitchen designs give a softer and often more comforting feel to them, which will make more a simple change to many people’s homes. Get ready to see more reimagined contemporary seating, coffee tables, and kitchen layouts.

Bold Designs And More Colours

Traditionally, home design styles and trends shift based on the economy; when things are a bit down, people will typically opt for more timeless designs and colours that are unlikely to go out of fashion. 

However, when people are feeling more optimistic, designs full of colour, pattern, and bold elements become more frequent again as people are happier to create more drastic changes to their home. 

Visual Minimalism Will Continue

People are always trying to make the most out of their space, and what better way to do so than with some clever design to minimalize the visual appearance of certain elements and declutter your home. 

Nifty hidden storage, wide open spaces, and minimal design elements around the home will create a relaxing atmosphere with less visual noise, allowing people to make more of their space and enjoy the calmness of their uncluttered living areas.

Antiques And Vintage

With younger homeowners taking a sustainable approach on their design, incorporating a great deal of antique and second-hand furniture is likely to continue its trend into 2022. 

People are looking out more and more for upcycled, pre-owned pieces that not only add to the style of their home, but have unique stories to tell. Expect to see more antique tables, chairs, and decorations that become a forefront of the home’s design.