The Coolest Room Conversion Ideas

By August 8, 2022Food for thought, Space
room conversion ideas - turn your loft into a home office

As a homeowner, it’s easy to spend time thinking about how you could improve the space that’s yours. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time and get to enjoy the company of your family. Home improvements can be a daunting prospect, but it’s what many of us dream of, so here are a few of the coolest room conversion ideas to inspire you to turn those dreams into a reality!

Spare Room → Walk In Wardrobe

There’re few things more satisfying than an entire room dedicated to perfectly organised clothes and shoes! 

If you’ve got a spare guest bedroom, or perhaps a second living room that’s rarely used, why not convert it into a walk-in-wardrobe? Not only will you have an amazing space to keep your clothes and get changed, but it’ll free up space in your bedroom where your clothes might otherwise have been.

Garage → Open Plan Kitchen Extension

It’s becoming increasingly easy to waste the space within our garages – driveways and on street parking are often enough to park cars and so filling the garage with bits and bobs is all too tempting.

If you do have a garage that isn’t housing any of your vehicles, you could use the extra space to massively improve your home, rather than filling it with random junk! It could be the perfect extension space to open up your home and allow you to have an open plan kitchen and living area. 

Loft → Bathroom

Just like garages, loft spaces can become a wasted space that gets filled with random bits and pieces that go untouched for decades! Let’s put that to a stop!

Lofts make for interesting spaces thanks to their shape, and you can really add value to your home with a great loft conversion. Take a look at this stunning bathroom that we built to fit the sloping walls.

Basement → Gym

Basements are well known for being the coolest part of your home. We did mean coolest in terms of temperature, but with this conversion it may well become the coolest (most awesome) room in your home too!

Converting the basement into a gym gives you a nice and private workout zone that will also stay cooler than the rest of your home, making it the perfect spot to add some weights and training machines!

Loft → Home Office

Lofts are also the ideal spot for a home office conversion for several reasons, and as we said before, will help you to avoid wasting the space in your roof.

Thanks to the position of a loft, you can easily build in large skylights and windows that will provide you loads of natural light to work in. They’re also situated out of the way of anyone else so you won’t be in anyone’s way and other noises are less likely to distract you.

Garage → Games Room / Library

Whilst our previous garage conversion idea involves a little more work being done to knock out walls, this idea lets you keep it as a cosy separate space that adds something really cool to your home!

Converting the space into a games room, library, or general entertainment space allows you to be adventurous with the design and create your dream room to spend downtime in! It could also be great fun for your kids who might want their own space to play in, which they could then do without getting in the way of your work or much needed quiet time!

Converting spaces within your home is a fantastic way to improve your lifestyle and family time, and there are so many creative options out there. Which of these ideas is your favourite, or would you take it in a different direction entirely?