The 5 Best Places To Build A Home Office – Even If Your Home Is Small!

By January 19, 2022Home Office
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After almost two full years of working on-and-off remotely, it’s clear that many companies will continue to take advantage of the “new norm” in future, leaving many people more flexible to work from home if and when they want to. 

The best way to continue working productively from home is to create a dedicated home working space, but you may be wondering if you’ve got the space or where the best spots in your home are to do so. Worry not, here are some of the best areas to add a home office, even if you’re tight on space!

Spare Room / Shed / Garage

Although you might be tight on space in the living areas of your home, you may be able to find a separate area that’s great for being productive. Any rooms in your home that are currently spare, being used as guest bedrooms, or simply being used for storage could be fantastic home offices.

Similarly, if you’ve got any external room that you hadn’t thought about yet, sheds, summer houses and garages that are often filled for storage purposes could be tidied and turned into the ultimate home working area! Free from distractions and noise, these spaces can really help to maximise your productivity.

An Empty Living Room Wall Or Corner

Another great spot to add a home office is your living room. There’s often a spare wall or corner that you can find to add a setup that will help you to work more effectively. 

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Even if the space is only small, a hidden home office or a smaller setup can still easily fit without overcrowding your room or requiring too much of your space. The great thing about setting up in your living room is that you’re close to everything you might need throughout the day.


An empty space in the kitchen can be ideal for a home office, as long as it’s not being used for cooking all day! It’s close to food and water which is great for reenergising quickly in your breaks, plus there are often chairs already to hand to work from.

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The best way to create a home office in your kitchen is to find the largest empty area, make sure you get enough natural lighting still, and are out of the way of common areas like the cooker, fridge, and countertop. 

In Place Of A Wardrobe

Why not make more of your home’s space with a hidden home office by replacing a wardrobe, closet, or storage area. Take the opportunity to clear out some unwanted or unnecessary items that spend most of their lives stored away, and you’ve got a whole new area to dedicate to more productivity!

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Hideaway home office setups can be built into your home’s design and match the exact space that you’ve created for a seamless, space-efficient design. Then, when you’re not using it, simply fold it away to turn it into a stunning piece of furniture!

An Empty Wall Or Corner In Your Bedroom

Bedrooms can also make for a good home office spot, especially if your home doesn’t have lots of space. However, it’s important to remember that separating your working area from the rest of your relaxing areas is key to maintaining productivity and avoiding distracted work.

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Bedrooms are often full of natural light, which is great for working throughout the day. Try to find an empty corner or section of wall that gets lots of light and has enough room to add a work surface and proper chair. 

Stay focused whilst working from home this year with a bespoke hidden home office, tailored to any space in your home! For more information, please get in touch with us.