Storage Inspiration For Every Room In Your Home

By August 25, 2022Storage
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There’s rarely a more satisfying feeling than when all your storage is on point – everything just feels…at place. With that being said, it’s often not as simple as it sounds and before long we’ve got disorganised mess! To help you avoid that and find the satisfying feeling again, here’s some our favourite storage inspiration for every room in your home!

Living Room

Living room storage can be one of the most tricky to get right as it needs to fit in and actually look good. Whilst with some other rooms you could probably get away with plonking any old wardrobe or chest of drawers down, that doesn’t really work in a living room!

build bespoke storage around your entertainment wall to make it a more homely and useful space

Our favourite choice for the living room is hands down the combination media wall / storage wall that integrates everything into one neat and seamless design. This also gives you the choice between several types of storage (all of which look amazing!) like built-in cabinets, shelving, built-in nooks, or completely hidden cupboard space.


Kitchens come with a fair amount of storage space as standard – everyone needs a place for utensils, plates and dishes, cutlery and other kitchenware. However, what gets done with that storage space can drastically change how you use your kitchen and how messy it is (or isn’t). 

source: drivenbydecor.com

To help make it easier to access everything, we love these fully extending units that give you full view of everything that’s stored within them. When you’re not in need of anything, they slide all the way back in and keep your kitchen space nice and neat!


Your bedroom is one of those rooms we were talking about earlier, where you could probably get away with any old wardrobe. It does the job and as long as it’s not hideous, probably doesn’t harm the room’s appearance too badly. But what if you want to achieve that truly satisfying feeling of a room that’s perfectly designed and is actually easy to keep tidy? 

bespoke fitted wardrobe / bedroom storage with mirrored doors and custom layout

Well look no further than a custom built-in, fit perfectly to the dimensions of your room and designed specifically for what you need to store. Regardless of how many shoes you’ve got, how many trousers, jackets, jumpers, or dresses, a custom wardrobe gives you easy access and space for it all!


Optimising the storage space in your bathroom isn’t easy, but it can make a massive difference to the entire room. Given that bathrooms are typically relatively small and need to store a variety of fiddly bits, storage needs to be both accessible yet compact.

source: hgtv.com

These sliding cabinets are perfect for both, keeping your bathroom clutter-free and open enough for plenty of movement. What’s great about these is that they give you super easy access to everything you need, and they can be placed in many spots around the room – even behind your mirror! 

Storage around your home is a mixed bag – not done properly it can take up more space than it frees up and will completely ruin the flow of design. On the other hand, get it right, and it can take your home to a new level of satisfaction and relaxation! Hopefully these storage ideas will inspire you to get more out of your space and experience the true satisfaction of a spotless home!

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