Smart Solutions For Small Spaces – Hideaway Beds

bespoke hideaway beds built by fitted interiors by lime

Small spaces don’t have to be limited, and there’s loads more you can do with them if you just get a bit creative! If you own a studio, small flat, have a guesthouse or simply a spare room that you’d like to do more with, have you ever considered hideaway beds? Keep reading to see how they can transform your spaces and help you to get more out of them than you ever thought possible!

Gives your room multiple functions

No matter where you live, multifunctionality is great to have. Whether you live in a small flat, or a small home, having one room that can be used for several things is incredibly handy and will help you to enjoy where you live even more.

What would otherwise have to be either a bedroom or a space for kids to play can now easily be both. What would have needed to be a cramped home office / bedroom combo can now be both separately during different parts of your day.

Allows you to hide your bed when guests are round

If you’ve got a small space like a studio apartment or one bedroom flat, it can be difficult to get as many people into the space comfortably as you’d like. If your living room, dining room, and bedroom are all the same, it doesn’t leave you with much socialising space!

Hideaway beds allow you to turn the main space of your home into a comfortable, relaxing bedroom at night, and opens it back up to give you your living space during the day when you’ve got friends and family over. Suddenly your small space perfectly fulfils the purpose of two separate rooms and you don’t have to worry about cramped visits!

An extra bedroom for guests

The most difficult part of having friends and family over to stay the night is easily where they could sleep. Whilst a sofa or airbed will cut it, it’s not exactly comfy! 

With a hideaway bed, even if you don’t have space for a permanent spare room, you can easily transform it into one temporarily. The rest of the time, use it as a playroom, a home office, a home gym space, or anything you’d like. When you’ve got someone over, simply lower the bed and create a truly comfortable guest space for the night!

Built with storage space

One of the best parts about hideaway beds is that they’re easily built into a storage space like a wardrobe or closet. Any space that you add a hideaway bed to now has its own sleek storage space that’s incredibly multi-functional!

Not only can you create something beautiful that transforms your room, but you can use the new storage to declutter, and seamlessly disguise the bed when it’s tucked away.

Have you ever thought about how you can get more out of a small room or apartment space? Hideaway beds are a fantastic solution that can help you to enjoy your home in more ways than you thought possible!

If you’re interested, drop us an email and let’s see how we can help you with your wardrobe and hidden bed solutions!