Renovating Your Home – Why You Should Finally Say Yes in 2022

why you should renovate your home in 2022

Given that 52% of us wanted to renovate our homes in 2021, the chances are that you’ve thought about it too, or might even be planning one already! The last couple of years have been frustrating to say the least, with the pandemic causing delays left, right, and centre, but we’re finally exiting that period – thank goodness! – and getting back on track as normal. So why should you finally take the plunge with renovating your home in 2022?

Supply Shortages & Delays Are Easing

A notable impact that the pandemic had on everything in the UK was the supply chain. Nearly everything faced some form of shortage or delay at some point, making it harder to complete projects and source certain materials or finishes. Some people even experienced planning permission delays which certainly didn’t help! 

However, all of these delays and shortages are beginning to ease up as we return to normal, making it a great time to start planning your renovation and setting your project in motion as you won’t have to deal with as many setbacks!

A Time For Home Appreciation

And whilst we don’t mean the value of your home here, we will be discussing that shortly. What we’re actually referring to is the increased gratefulness we have towards our home’s spaces after the pandemic. Something that many of us are increasingly placing more value on is the quality of home life, the design and the layout of our homes.

Let’s face it, we all have something about our homes that we’d like to change to truly enjoy the space, and a proper renovation can really help to give you what you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s a bigger kitchen, a brighter more open living room, a sun room that lets you enjoy nature, or simply reconfiguring the space you have available, renovating your home will without doubt bring more joy to your everyday life.

More Functionality

Part of the enjoyment of your home also comes down to the functionality of your spaces. After all, a kitchen with no appliances is probably just going to make you angry and renders the entire room virtually useless! But now more than ever, with some people working from home and others having home-based hobbies, there’s a need for more functionality around your home.

By renovating the spaces that you use most, you can turn any room into a swiss army knife of utility – a kitchen could double as a breakfast bar and dining area, a living room could become a home cinema at night, and a bedroom could become your home office during the day!

Property Value

This time when we say “home appreciation” we do indeed mean the financial value of it! We’ll only mention this briefly as we’ve talked about it on social media and in previous blog posts before, but renovating your home is a great way to solidify the value of your property and even increase it. People are willing to pay for a modern home with a beautiful design and layout that makes sense!

It’s Just Time

It could simply be that you haven’t properly renovated your home in 10, 20, or maybe even 30 years, in which case it’s just time for you to start considering a change. Old designs might be outdated and make your home feel older than it is, or you might be missing the latest features that could be making your life just that much more enjoyable.

Whatever it is, if it’s been donkey’s years since you’ve changed anything in your home, now is a great time to consider the upgrades that you deserve!


Each year that passes now brings more efforts and more reasons to become sustainable. But did you know that modernising your home is one of the most effective ways to make the building more sustainable? 

Renovating your home can help you to improve insulation, install better windows, add energy-efficient appliances and devices, and create more efficient spaces for heating and cooling. All of this together helps you to lower energy usage and avoid the need for extensive heating and air conditioning!

To Fix An Issue

Last but not least is an obvious one: fixing an issue with your home. As annoying as it is, certain parts of houses don’t last forever. If you’ve noticed a problem, it could be the perfect time to not only fix it, but also improve your home whilst you’re at it. After all, work has got to be done anyway! 

Perhaps you’ve noticed a problem with your kitchen pipes? Why not modernise the layout of it too! Or perhaps you’ve come across a slow leak in your bathroom? Why not use it as an opportunity to get that free-standing bathtub you’ve always wanted!