Popular Wardrobe Design Styles In 2023: Which Are Best Suited To Your Spaces?

By July 17, 2023Bespoke Wardrobes, Storage

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your wardrobes for a while but aren’t sure where to start with choosing a style to fit your space, we’re here to help! Wardrobes play a more important role within interiors than many people think, so getting it right is key if you want to amplify design and maximise space.

Here are some of the most common and popular design styles at the moment, and the spaces they’re best suited to!

Sliding Door & Handle-less Wardrobes

In fitting with the sleek, minimal look of many modern homes, sliding door wardrobes with handle-less designs are a popular option and it’s easy to see why. With super clean looks and minimal distractions, they look fantastic in almost any setting!

These wardrobes are particularly good for building into wider walls, especially when the space in front is narrower or is frequently walked past. The lack of handles means you won’t have to worry about bumping into them whilst the sliding doors give you plenty of access to your clothes without needing to cramp the surrounding space as with a hinged door.

Glass Wardrobes

If you’ve ever seen a glass wardrobe, you’ll know why they’re becoming more popular! These beautiful, swanky wardrobes immediately give your space a high end feel. They can be created with more traditional hinged doors or sliding doors to suit your needs.

Glass wardrobes fit great with modern luxury designs, so if you’ve got a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe that fits the style then they could be a good option for adding that final high-end touch. They also work best for anyone with a keen eye for organisation! It’s important to bear in mind that all of your belongings will be viewable through the glass doors, so it’ll look much better if everything is neat and organised.

Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes reflect their surroundings – literally! It’s what makes them great for brightening up rooms and enhancing the interior design of a space that’s already beautiful.

If you’ve got a room that you’d like to make brighter or would like to add storage to without cramping the feel of space, mirrored wardrobes may well be your best option.

Panelled Wardrobes

A stylish option that catches the eye, panelled wardrobes are a trendy choice that give your space a beautiful accent or feature wall that doesn’t just look great, but gives you all of the storage functionality that built-ins bring!

You can use this design in a number of colours to perfectly suit the rest of your space and can be designed with your favourite patterns to give you the stand-out style you want. Panelled wardrobes are best suited to traditional or classically designed rooms, as well as larger rooms where you can benefit from easy access once the doors are opened up.

Dual Concept Wardrobes

As we all search for combining style and functionality, dual concept wardrobes are becoming more popular – utilising the built-in space to create storage that offers another use such as open shelves for displaying décor, or creating a home working space with a desk and shelving.

These wardrobes are perfect if you work remotely or simply want to spruce up the style of your room with your favourite decorations. They’re also great if you have certain items you’d like easier access to from open shelves, and other items (that perhaps aren’t as organised!) that can be kept behind closed doors.

Bespoke wardrobe design allows you to select the perfect style, design, and storage options for your use – a fantastic way to enhance both the functionality and design of your favourite spaces! If you’d like to know more about any of these styles and options or already have a built-in wardrobe idea, feel free to have a chat with us!