Our Luxury Apartment Development: A Look Inside A Bespoke Living Space

Our luxury apartment development is a project that we’ve absolutely loved working on, creating an entirely bespoke space that gives the homeowner endless functionality throughout. Now that it’s fully furnished, we wanted to showcase the different areas of the space and how they come together to create a home that’s functional, relaxing, and beautiful!

The Living Space

The open plan living, dining, and kitchen area makes the most out of the available space to provide everything that you would want throughout the day! We wanted to ensure that the homeowners had a relaxing space to enjoy hanging out in during the evenings and on weekends.

We added this stunning TV wall that not only adds some style to the space, but also provides the perfect entertainment and storage for a small living room! The back lighting and wood design really helps to make the space feel warm and homely.


The Kitchen

Limited in space, we still wanted the kitchen to feature everything you’d usually have, which is why a bespoke design was needed. On one side, you can find the fridge, washing machine, and plenty of storage that’s all concealed by the beautiful fitted oak cupboards to combine functionality with a modern design.

On the other side of the open plan kitchen space is the oven, stove, and breakfast bar that seamlessly connects the kitchen with the rest of the room. There’s plenty of space to enjoy breakfast and evening meals!


A Space To Work

We really wanted to make sure that every space was turned into something useful, and with the modern work environment, we thought it would be useful to the homeowner to have a space they could work from comfortably.

The large hallway provided the perfect space to design a small working area – a great way to add some functionality to an otherwise unused part of the home. The custom wardrobe design helps to conceal the workspace when not in use, creating a nice separation to the rest of the home out of work hours!


The Bedroom

As for the sleeping space, we wanted to keep it nice and minimal. An open and clutter-free space is perfect for much needed rest and relaxation.

To help manage organisation, the bedroom features a built-in wardrobe, complete with custom internal configuration for neat and tidy storage! Whenever designing fitted furniture like this, we always take into consideration both the inside and outside so that it can fulfil its purpose whilst looking amazing.