Latest Interior Designs & Innovations – What Are Some of Our Favourites?

By July 21, 2022Food for thought
check out some of our favourite interior design innovations of 2022

One of the reasons we love helping people to build and design their dream homes is because of the constantly changing creativity that comes with home décor and interiors! Every year, we see new products and installations that add new elements to homes that both look amazing and bring functionality in unique ways. Here are some of our favourites that we’ve seen throughout 2022 so far!

Tailored Chairs by Adam Cornish

These chairs are made from sheets of aluminium using a process remarkably similar to tailoring clothes. The result is a beautifully sleek design, featuring unique seams much like you do with clothing, and a robust long-lasting design. 

The Seam collection features a range of options including a dining chair, bar stool, and stacking chair so that you can have a cohesive look throughout your home – indoors and out! Thanks to the seamed design, all chairs also have a water drainage point which doubles as a carry handle, making them ideal for outdoor use too.

Polar Wall Lamps by Ross Gardam

Launched earlier this year at Melbourne’s Denfair, these unique wall lights look absolutely stunning! The lights were designed to allow people to easily alter the mood and lighting within the room which is done by changing the position of the articulating disc.

The Polar series of lights comes in various colours and can be used in a huge range of environments, from living rooms, to hotel rooms, to commercial buildings and art galleries. Their unique appearance and ability to create such a range of lighting moods, they’re going to be a great addition to virtually any space!

Smart Ovens

Smart ovens have been growing in popularity over the last few years, and some of the options that you can buy in 2022 are incredibly clever! Some of the best include the Hoover Vision, the Bosch Series 8, and the Samsung Chef Collection.

These ovens provide a range of super handy features that are more than just cool, they’re actually really helpful. Many connect to Wi-Fi, so that you can control temperature and cooking remotely, as well as innovative cooking technologies that keep your oven cleaner, add moisture to your food, and help you to get a more even cook.

ShieldSpray Kitchen Faucet by Delta

There’s not much worse than cleaning dishes that splatter your leftovers all across the kitchen! Delta’s ShieldSpray technology was designed to prevent this and with its laser-like precision, reduces splatter by 90% on average!

So not only does it help you to clean more effectively, it keeps you and your kitchen much cleaner in the process. Don’t ask us how it works, but it certainly sounds like something every kitchen could do with!

The Puri Daybed

The Puri Daybed was inspired by minimalist design from the 1950s and gives you a piece of furniture that’s multifunctional and perfect for any relaxation space. 

The base is a sturdy oak table that can have a number of cushion layouts on top of it to create the exact space you need. Seating and table space, a full seating area with a side table, or even a fully flat surface to lie down on.

The Billi Remote Kitchen Tap

Billi have created a range of innovative taps that are extremely handy to have in your kitchen or outdoor cooking space. The taps can come with a range of functions like boiling water, chilled water, sparkling water, and regular hot and cold water. 

Whilst that in itself is an awesome feature to have on hand, what makes their taps even cooler is that you can have a remote-controlled faucet which opens up new usability opportunities – great for children who may be unable to reach the tap or who could risk burning themselves on hot water.

What’re your favourite design innovations from 2022? Do you have any others that you’d add to this list?