Home Bars: The Hub Of Your Social Events

By November 2, 2021Home Bars
the hub of your social events - bespoke home bar units by fitted interiors by Lime

A home bar is the ultimate luxury addition to take your home to the next level – the perfect space to enjoy social events and downtime with family and friends. Deciding on investing in a bespoke home bar unit can be a tricky process, especially when you consider all of the aspects, which is why we’ve created this blog post to help you make a decision and maximise your home bar’s potential!

First off, why get a home bar?

  1. A home bar is perfect for socialising with family and friends in a more private, cosy environment, whilst still enjoying the drinks you love
  2. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that making the most of your home and enjoying your time there is extremely important!
  3. It allows you to explore the world of spirits, cocktails, and drinks first-hand
  4. A home bar adds to the value of your property

Home Bar Tips and Recommendations

Plan where your home bar is going to go. This will likely determine the size, shape and design of your bar and will give you the best foundation for your design planning later on. Not to forget, you want your brand new bar to feel at home rather than out of place!

Next, plan what you want to use your bar for – is it going to be a wine bar, a cocktail bar, or perhaps a coffee bar? Establishing the purpose of your bar will allow you to decide whether you need a large worktop, fridge space, shelving, or cupboards. 

Finally, once your home bar unit has arrived, make sure you stock it properly! This will help you to maximise the use of your brand new social hub and really bring the experience to life. Check out our Instagram Post on how to stock your bar!

Why Go Bespoke?

Deciding on where to get your home bar and how to order it is the final tricky part of the process. Customisable home bar units are the best way to go though, for several reasons.

Having the choice over individual aspects of your new home bar unit really lets you build your dream bar and avoid missing out on any details or features that you truly want. This allows you to customise your new unit to suit the exact purpose you always wanted it for, by adding specific elements such as fridge space, shelving, cabinet doors and more. 


What’s more is that bespoke solutions enable you to fit your new home bar to any space you’d like. Regardless of the colour, design style or size needed, you can create a bar that’s the perfect fit – something that off-the-shelf units can’t provide.

If you’re ready to take your home to the next level with these home bar tips, Fitted Interiors by Lime can help you do so with a brand new, bespoke bar unit. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your dream design, and we can help you to create something beautiful.