Entertainment Wall Ideas To Take Your Living Room Space To The Next Level

By May 17, 2022TV Media Walls
take your living room space to the next level with these entertainment wall ideas

Something that many of us are appreciating more these days are good old movie nights and relaxing in the evening to a favourite show. With so much available through the click of a button, you can watch virtually anything you want from the comfort of your own sofa! And with this, comes the desire for the perfect setup – the ultimate entertainment wall if you will. So here are some of our favourite entertainment wall ideas to help you get everything out of your new space!

But First, What Actually Is An “Entertainment Wall”?

In case you don’t already know what we mean by the term, let’s see what they are and where they came from.

Entertainment walls, or media walls, or TV walls, or even a combination of the three, first became popular in the mid 2010s, albeit in a more simplistic form. With large flatscreen TVs becoming more affordable and widespread, more people were opting to mount them on their living room walls.

As this became more popular, it developed into what we know it as today – a dedicated wall to home your TV, devices, sound system, and more! With people choosing to have specially designed walls, storage, and fittings for their TV and entertainment systems, the bespoke entertainment wall was born!

Entertainment Wall Ideas To Make It Something Special

Built In Bookcase

A great way to design your wall if you’re wanting your TV to stand out a bit less is to build it into a bookcase. (Also a good one if you’ve got a lot of books lying around!) You can have your wall custom designed as a large bookcase that takes care of your storage needs, and still gives you space to mount your TV without it stealing all of the attention.

Credit: marthastewart.com

Built In Storage With Accessories

Another way to get more out of your entertainment wall is to have bespoke storage built into the design. Building shelves either side of the TV is a great way to add some symmetry to your design, as well as letting you accessorise your wall to really make it feel special. 

Credit: builtinsolutions.co.uk

You could also make use of cupboards to store everyday items and entertainment appliances, with a clean design on the outside that helps you to declutter your living room.

Electric Fireplaces

We’ve mentioned it before on social media, but we love what an electric fireplace can add to your entertainment wall and overall living room ambience! The great thing with electric fireplaces is their flexibility, customisation, and ease of use and installation.

Credit: gr8fires.co.uk

Unlike their wood burning counterparts, they don’t require a chimney or really any maintenance. This allows you to have one fitted virtually anywhere you want with a range of size, colour, and style options to suit your room.

TVs That Look Like Art

With today’s technological advancements, you can now get TVs that show an image when switched off. This opens up a new opportunity to make your TV the centrepiece of your design by displaying art or photography on it when it’s not in use.  

Credit: ourtavelhome.com

Play Around With Wall Textures

This is a great way to make your wall a little more interesting. There are loads of textures and patterns that you could draw inspiration from to add something more to the style of your entertainment wall. 

Consider bricks and textured brick patterns, different styles of wood, tiles, and even textured wallpapers.

Play Around With colours

Depending on what you want to achieve with your new wall, different colours can really help you to get the style you’re looking for. Darker colours can help to distract from your TV if you don’t want it to be the standout feature, whilst lighter colours can emphasize your TV and other wall features like fireplace and shelves.

You could also use colour to set your media wall apart from the rest of your living room if you want it to become more of a standalone feature. Again, you could go in the opposite direction and use similar colours to help your new wall fit in seamlessly with the rest of your design!