Creating The Ultimate Summer Space

By May 4, 2023Space

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to think about your spaces and get them ready for enjoying the weather and longer days! From your living room to your kitchen to your indoor-outdoor spaces, there’s so much you can do to give your home all that it needs for perfect summer entertainment!

Outdoor Furniture

Summer is for enjoying time outside (providing we get some good weather this year!), and to do so you’ll need the right furniture that creates a comfortable, functional space that saves you having to go inside all the time.

Think about seating, tables, and countertop / storage areas that you can add to your garden that will make it a relaxing space that has everything you need! 

Custom folding tables and fold-out work tops are a great way to give yourself more to use whilst allowing you to easily manage the space when you need it back. Or have a beautiful wooden work surface and storage area installed that houses your BBQ, fridge, and sink – perfect for long days with friends and family in the garden!

A Home Bar

There’s no doubt that this is our favourite summer addition – you can’t beat the ultimate drinks space that looks great and has everything you’d ever want to create your fave refreshing drinks to sip on all day!

Whether indoors as a compliment to your kitchen and dining space, or outdoors ready to serve refreshing cocktails for the garden party, a home bar is perfect for entertaining or even just enjoying yourselves. 

Here’s some of our favourite inspo!

Lighten Up

Regardless of whether you want to spend your time inside or out, the summer is the season for getting as much natural light as possible! Not only does it save on the electricity bills, it’s great for health in many ways!

So how can you brighten up your space and make sure you’re taking full advantage of the summer sun?

bespoke fitted kitchens st albans - fitted interiors by lime

More glass! Windows and glass doors are how you can let more light in so consider space reconfigurations that include floor-to-ceiling windows, the addition of large glass doors, or skylights!

Create A More Entertaining Kitchen Space

The kitchen is often the ‘hub’ of entertainment when you have guests over during the summer – it’s a great place to hang out, grab snacks, and refill drinks. But what if yours isn’t exactly suited to entertaining larger groups?

There are a few ways you can overhaul a kitchen so that there’s more practical space for guests and gives it a summery feel. 

  • Have a kitchen island built that houses storage. This could give you room to free up a wall by switching where your cabinets are, and gives people more space to gather round, rather than having to crowd in the middle of the room.
  • Switch your countertops to something lighter to brighten up the space and reflect more of the natural sunlight!
  • Open it up to have access to your garden. Providing access for people to move freely between your kitchen and garden creates a free-flowing space where everyone can still enjoy the beautiful weather!

Get Creative

However you intend to spend the summer, whether it’s with lots of friends and family, or just with close family, or whether it’s in the garden all day or enjoying the natural light indoors, getting a little creative can spruce up your home and make it a much more enjoyable space to be.

You could have a beautiful living wall created to bring more of the outdoors in. You could add a porch storage / bench unit that makes leaving and returning just that much nicer. Or you could install some clever woodwork in the garden to give your space a pergola or built-in seating area. The options are endless!

Have you been thinking of ways to improve your home, or about how you can make your spaces more ideal for the summer? It’s a great season to jump in and create a space that you’ve always dreamt of!