5 Reasons Why Having A Home Office Is A Great Idea

By May 31, 2022Home Office
reasons why having a home office is a great idea

Having a home office is becoming increasingly common, with more of us working from home than ever before. Needing a space to work is a pretty good reason to get a home office, but in fact, the benefits don’t just stop there! From improving your home to making you healthier, check out these 5 reasons why having a home office is a great idea.

Fitting In With The New Norm

It’s no secret that since 2020, companies providing work from home opportunities has skyrocketed – if you work from a computer, we’d bet you’ve worked at home for a decent chunk of the last two years! And with over 90% of businesses saying it’s either maintained or boosted productivity levels, there’s a pretty good chance that for many of us, working from home at least sometimes will become the new norm.

And with that, the first great reason to get a home office! Anyone in your household is likely to require a space to work from at home in the near future so even if you’re not in need right now, you’ll be ready for the new era of working. And trust us, you don’t want to be caught out having to work from a dinner table or kitchen counter for hours on end!

A Home Office Adds Value To Your Property

Whether you work at home full time, or spend every day out of the house, you can’t argue that increasing the value of your home is a bad idea! In line with the whole WFH trend, a dedicated home working space has become a valuable sought-after asset and people are willing to pay big in order to have one. 

In fact, a home office space can add a whopping 10% to the value of your house, making it a great investment not only for your career, but for your financials too!

Increased Productivity

Whatever work it is that you’ve got to get done, you want to get as much finished in as little time as possible right? Well that’s where a home office can help you out again! It’s all well and good setting up shop at the dining room table or kitchen bar, but let’s be honest, there are far too many distractions for you to really be “productive”.

A dedicated working zone lets you separate your work from your spare time and really knuckle down when it comes to crunch time. You’ll be surrounded by your most important tools and stationery, but more importantly you won’t be surrounded by loud noises, other people enjoying their free time, and the all-too-easily distracting things like your fridge, food, or the sofa!

A healthier work life

It’s not just more productivity that a home office will help you for, it’s also your health! Creating a dedicated working space allows you to create perfect ergonomics so that you’ll be working with the correct posture, at the right height and so on.

Everybody’s probably experienced some form of aches and pains after a long day working on the computer and that’s all down to the position you work in. Working from a kitchen counter or dining room table is never going to provide you with your perfect solution, whereas a home office can be set up specifically to do so! Improving your working position can improve blood flow, heart health, back and neck health, eye health, and reduce swelling in your legs and feet!

Multi-Purpose Space

Our final reason why having a home office is a great idea is down to the wide range of purposes they can serve. Do you work from home full time? Great! Do you have kids that go to school and can use it for homework? Perfect! Got a hobby like drawing or graphic design? Now you’ve got the ideal spot! Do you spend time reading or learning online to stay up to date with your career? Now you’ve got a healthy arrangement to do so!

And the list goes on – there are lots of fantastic ways to use a home office space that you probably won’t think about if you haven’t got one. Having a multi-functional space like this lets you fulfil more of your tasks in a healthy, creative area!

As you can see, a well-setup home office serves a range of purposes that benefit not just your working life, but your overall work-life balance and even the value of your home! Do you have a home office already or are you still deciding on whether it’s worth it or not?