5 Clever Ways To Make Your Home Cosier This Winter

By November 17, 2021Bedroom, Food for thought, Space
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As the winter season approaches, cosying up in the evenings is on everybody’s list. You can’t quite top that feeling of warmth and snugness at home on a winter’s evening, but what if your home isn’t geared up for the season? These 5 clever ways to make your home cosier will give you some inspiration on how to create that warm feeling in style!

1. Let there be light!

Winter is known for its short, dark days. You wake up in the dark, you finish work in the dark. By using more lighting within your home – and by choosing the right lights – you can extend the daytime brightness into the evenings with a cosier vibe.

Soft and diffused lighting works best to create a warm atmosphere around your home, so rounded lamps with a white cover are your best bet. To add even more to the cosiness of your room, switch out the lightbulbs for dimmer, warmer ones that will avoid producing harsh light and instead give you a subtle glimmer. 

Also consider choosing lamps with a gold, brass, or bronze finish to them as this will help to reflect a warmer hue around the room!

2. Fill the air with scented candles

Creating a cosy room is easy when you add candles into the mix! Not only do they give off an incredibly warm light in the evenings, but they help your home to smell like winter warmth. 

Placing candles around your home with wintery and end of season scents like gingerbread, cloves, cinnamon, andalpine will warm your room right up and help you to snuggle in and relax on a cold night.

3. Pillows galore! 

One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom or living room cosier is to simply add more pillows. Get some nice soft, furry pillows that match the colour scheme of your bedding or sofa cushions and layer them up! 

Not only do pillows give a warmer appearance by filling out the empty spaces, they make you warmer in bed and on your sofa during the evenings. There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with big thick pillows whilst you settle down to watch some TV. 

4. Rugs

Adding a thick rug to almost any room is going to help make it cosier during the winter – even those with a carpet! Fluffy shag pile-style rugs add another layer of texture and softness under foot which helps your feet to stay warmer and more comfortable when walking around. Not to mention that if you’re going to be sat on the floor at any point, there’s nothing better to do so on than a nice thick rug!

They’ll also give your room a cosier, fuller appearance and will help to keep warmth in the room.

5. Fill up those walls

Reducing the bare space on your walls is the last tip on our list to help make your home cosier, warmer, and also more stylish during the winter months. Adding artwork that’s rich in darker colours will help your room to look cosier, warmer, and will give it a fresh new style. You could also look into adding large photo prints to your walls – landscape photography of forests, mountains, and winter cities will warm your room up the most.

If you’re not into artwork or you don’t have any lying around, try adding a few mirrors to your walls, or moving them so that they cover up more bare space. Think about large mirrors with wooden or warm metallic frames such as gold and brass to help your rooms feel nice and cosy.

We hope these 5 clever tips on making your home cosier will help you to feel warmer this winter, while adding to your home in style! If you have any specific design-related questions for your home, get in touch with us today. And, talking of cosy – our new bespoke TV media walls, complete with a nice warm fireplace, are on sale now until the end of November. Get your order in here and save a massive 15% today!