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Great things come in small packages

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Microbrewery, microchip, micromanage. From tiny breweries producing amazing beers to overbearing, enthusiastic management teams, the world in ‘micro’ is firmly here to stay in many formats and despite its name, the impact is huge, especially in property.

For many, the desire to actually live within the city’s heartbeat may seem like an unrealistic pipedream due to the cost per square foot. However, with the continuing emergence of Micro Apartments, these dreams could become a reality. 

With space at a premium, these new developments, around 400 square feet, are rising in popularity as young professionals seek luxury amenities in the best locations. American studio David Baker Architects have completed a complex comprising of 69 ‘micro-units’  in San Francisco. Winner of an Honour Award in the 2018 AIA SF Design Awards.

Sticking to the ‘micro’ theme, from one US city to another. We love the article from Inhabitat.com on the Arlo Hotel in Hudson Square, New York City. America’s “first micro hotel with 4-star design” packs big style into small rooms. The images from the article show that you don’t need a vast amount of space to make an impact.

If the idea of a Micro Apartment appeals to you, but you can’t imagine how people live in such a small space from a storage perspective, take a look at the fantastic piece on micro-apartments from an interior design perspective  from Homedit.com. It may just make you rethink your need for ‘more space’. If you’re looking to cleverly redevelop the existing space that you have,  get in touch with Gary or Greg today. Lime Interiors – Designers, Creators….Space Innovators.