Earlier this year we received a call from a ‘Mum to be’ asking if we could help with a design for a bespoke Utility Area.

There were two pressing needs that this design needed to fulfil;

1 – The new Utility Area needed to be designed and installed within 6 weeks before she gave birth.

2 – There were lots of bespoke items needed for the new area in order to make best use of space, as usable space was important to our clients, especially with a new arrival on the way.

Our client wanted this to be a space that was peaceful to work from away from the main kitchen.


The existing utility area storage units were old with storage and shelving all in the wrong places – it just wasn’t practical.

Our client wanted a solution whereby the washing machine and tumble dryer were stacked to reduce the amount of continuous bending to reach both machines.

Additionally our client wanted more ‘eye line’ storage and shelving.

We had a number of stock colour modern door styles which our client liked however after some in depth discussions we discovered that something more specialist would be required. We got on the phone to one of our local door suppliers and found a set of Tobacco Oak doors that our clients instantly fell in love with. We had these specially designed in the workshop so that they could be installed as bi-folding doors.

What was also fabulous about this project is that the utility area and kitchen are completely different in terms of look and style. It is quite common for a utility area and kitchen not to match or be complimented by similar looking units doors and worktops.

This hidden gem of a utility area does not scream ‘utility room’ from the front. You only see a beautiful set of oak doors.

It’s not until you open the bi-fold doors that you encounter the beauty and simplicity of a cleverly organised and well thought out working area.

Our clients came to us with such fantastic and amazing ideas for their utility area, which made bringing this bespoke design to life relatively simple and very enjoyable!