Winter Is Coming – Furniture & Design Ideas That Are Great For A Cosy Home!

With winter well on its way, the days growing shorter and temperatures dropping, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and comfort of a cosy home to escape the chill. We’ve created a collection of bespoke furniture designs that not only add a touch of sophistication to your space but also make your home the perfect haven for the winter season.

TV Walls with Electric Fires

Incorporating a stylish and functional TV wall with a built-in fire feature is a great way to create a central focal point that exudes warmth and relaxation. This combination of modern entertainment and fire aesthetics is perfect for those looking for a cosy and inviting living space.

We’ve designed many TV Walls like the one below that are great for cosy, relaxing evenings!

Placing Focus on an Existing Fireplace

For homes fortunate enough to have an existing fireplace, there are plenty of custom furniture solutions that can enhance this feature, turning it into the heart of your home. Complementing your fireplace with handcrafted furniture, such as a statement mantel or a homely shelving arrangement, can elevate the overall ambience of the room and allow you to really enjoy your fireplace during the colder months.

Wall Shelving/Storage Space

Create a sense of warmth and intimacy by adding full-length wall shelving or bookcase-style storage into your living space. These pieces not only serve a functional purpose for storage but also provide an opportunity to display your favourite belongings and warming décor such as candles and fairy lights.

innovative space saving storage design - bespoke storage wall in london

Using Exposed Wood

Drawing inspiration from the cosy cabins of Scandinavia, making use of exposed wood elements is a great way to create a warm wintery vibe! From wooden beams to statement furniture pieces, the natural and warm aesthetics of woods like oak and walnut add a touch of snuggly comfort to your home. Embrace the beauty of wood’s natural grain and texture to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere throughout your space.

Adding Rich Colours

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with rich, deep colours that give you a real sense of warmth and sophistication. Bespoke furniture designs can incorporate a palette of deep blues, forest greens, and warm burgundies to create a welcoming and luxurious environment.

Furniture With Built-In Lighting

Lighting is often a great way to add warm hues and cosy vibes to a space, and there are loads of beautiful ways you can add it to furniture designs. Seamlessly integrate ambient lighting into cabinets, shelves, or pieces like seating, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The soft glow of these well-placed lights can transform your living space into a calming retreat during the long winter evenings.

This winter, embrace the season with bespoke furniture designs that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your family. Embrace the comfort and style of unique creations and make this winter a truly cosy one in your bespoke home.