TV Wall FAQs – Bespoke TV Walls

By June 15, 2023TV Media Walls

TV Walls – one of the best ways to upgrade your living room space and create the perfect entertainment to enjoy! Whether you’re keen to add a high-end feature to your room or simply want a cooler space to enjoy your TV, it’s the best way to go. If you’ve been researching or even if you’ve only just stumbled across the idea of a TV Wall, you might have a few questions, and today we’re going to try and answer those!

What is the point of a TV wall?

TV walls are designed with several things in mind that all improve your life! They add a high-end focal point to your room, creating a more pleasing and more attractive space to spend time in. They also maximise space by incorporating storage, TV mounting, and cable management to give you more usable floor space within your living room! And they create a comfortable viewing experience for everyone in the room!

Why get a TV wall over a standard TV stand?

You might be wondering – why should I spend more when I could just use a regular old TV stand? Fitted / bespoke TV walls are still a more than worthwhile investment thanks to a few things:

Customisation → TV walls can be designed to match any of your desired looks! Whether you’ve found design inspiration that you’d like to match or would like to compliment your room’s existing design, it’s no problem with a TV Wall. TV stands on the other hand are often not customisable and may not suit your needs or desired look.

Modern, minimal, and classy → the design you get with a TV wall is far beyond what you can achieve with a TV stand – giving you a modern entertainment wall that gives you more floor space and hides all of your media units. Let’s face it, a TV stand with all of your different devices on show isn’t exactly the prettiest!

Built-in cable management → cables are nuisance and certainly a visual disturbance when they’re out on show! A bespoke TV wall can take control of all of your cables, preventing tangling and damage, and giving you a sleek, mess-free space.

Tailored storage → when trying to store all of the various things you might have around in your living room, a standard TV stand is unlikely to have what you need for it all. TV walls can be designed with the perfect storage to suit your needs – no more cramming things into drawers or at the back of shelves!

How will a TV wall improve my living room?

The primary reason to add a TV wall to your home is to make improvements to your living space. Here’s how a bespoke design will make your living room better:

Design → the most obvious improvement is the design of your living room. You’ll struggle to beat the impact that a brand new TV wall can make on the beauty and appearance of your room!

Watching Experience → you might not think about the impact of your watching experience, but having to watch a TV that’s in the wrong position can strain your neck and eyes, or force you to sit in your least favourite seat – and nobody wants that! A fitted TV wall situates your TV in the perfect place, making it more comfortable for everyone in the room!

Extra Features → when you add a TV wall, you’re not just getting a mounted TV. Many bespoke designs come with stunning electrical fireplaces, and beautiful integrated lighting that adds to the mood of your room and gives you cosy warmth in the winter.

How much is a fitted TV wall?

Due to the bespoke nature of fitted TV walls, it is hard to pinpoint a specific price without first getting details of your design requirements and wishes. Generally speaking though, a bespoke TV wall designed and installed will cost £3,000 and upwards. If you’d like to receive a more specific price estimation, feel free to have a chat with us about what sort of design you’re looking for.

Can my TV and devices still be upgraded in the future?

Absolutely! It’s understandable that as new TVs and devices are released, you might want to upgrade. With a little help from us, you can easily adapt certain elements to fit your new screen or devices and cable requirements!

How long will it take to build my TV wall?

Once the final design has been established and we have sourced all of the materials that will be required for your TV wall, we will then come to your home to install it. Depending on the complexity of the design, this will take anything from 4 – 8 days.

Which designs can you complete for us?

If you haven’t seen what you’re looking for on our site or our social media pages, don’t worry! We can complete any design style that you’re looking for with our bespoke process. Just send over any design inspiration that you have and we can get to work putting it together for you!

Bespoke TV Walls can give your home that high-end touch whilst creating a beautiful living and entertainment space for you and your family to enjoy. If you’d like a free quote or would like to see if we can fulfil your design inspiration, feel free to send us a message today! We’d love to help you get more from your home!