Top Tips For Staying Organised At Home

By July 31, 2023Space, Storage

As bespoke furniture designers, we know that there are loads of clever ways to keep homes more organised, tidier, and ultimately more enjoyable to live in! However, without the right guidance and solutions, this can be easier said than done. In today’s post, we’re going over a few tips on how you can make sure your spaces are not only always clean and tidy, but are easier to maintain too!

Assess Your Storage Needs

The first important thing to do is get an idea of what you need to store, where, and what might make it easier to keep organised. For example, which of your spaces are likely to be untidy and what is it that’s keeping them that way?

It could be that there’s no storage space available, or it could be that the storage space that is available is simply a lot of effort to maintain. Establishing the particular areas of your home that need more storage space, along with the items that regularly need moving around, and how you could make the storage easier to access and manage will help you get a good understanding of where to begin.

Make Better Use Of Underutilised Areas

We see it all the time, and it’s something that bespoke storage and wardrobe solutions are uniquely positioned to deal with – so many underutilised areas and missed opportunities where brilliant functionality can be added, yet are often left untouched!

Whether it’s an awkward alcove that’s left empty, under-stair space and sloped ceilings that prevent off-the-shelf solutions from fitting, or hallways that you just don’t know what to add to, there are lots of clever little spaces that could be used to create functionality and all of the organisation you need to keep your home nice and neat.

Take a look at this recent development of ours, where we utilised an oversized hallway to add a home office and shelving space!

Optimising Existing Storage Spaces

There are many rooms in which you probably already have some form of wardrobe, closet, or cupboards that you use for storage, however if your home is still easily cluttered, then they likely aren’t optimised for how you need them.

Bedroom Wardrobe – is your wardrobe space sufficient, and more importantly is it suited to what you keep in there? Do you have easily manageable and accessible sections for all of your clothes, shoes, accessories, and bedding?

Living Room – living room storage can be one of the trickiest to manage as combining functionality with keeping design and space in the room a priority isn’t always easy. A bespoke solution could transform your space to give you built-in storage that enhances the style of the room whilst giving you more space to store.

Kitchen & Utilities – these areas can quickly get messy if your storage isn’t on point. Being able to easily access all of your utensils and food, or your washing machine and supplies, is essential for making sure these parts of your home aren’t a pain to use or keep clean!

Focusing On Clutter-Prone Areas

It’s a great idea to prioritise the areas that really need the help and getting started with optimising these can already make a significant difference to your home. Areas that typically get cluttered easily include:

  • The entrance of your home
  • Your home office / working space
  • Your bedroom
  • Your kitchen pantry

Ensuring that these spaces are easy to maintain by having the right storage options for how you use them will make avoiding the clutter much easier and will make your home more enjoyable!

Keeping your home well organised is important in making it an enjoyable space for you and your family. Whilst it’s often not easy, with the right advice and solutions, you can transform your areas into seamlessly functional ones that keep your clutter concealed without the stress of constant tidying and re-organising!