Our Bespoke Design Process At Fitted Interiors by Lime

By March 14, 2023Uncategorized

There’s nothing better than helping our lovely clients to improve their living spaces, whether it’s giving them more functionality or simply creating a design they’ve always dreamed of! 

Our process allows us to work closely with you to create bespoke pieces that are perfectly suited to your space. If you’re considering a bespoke project, here’s what you can expect the process to look like for you (as well as a few pointers that’ll help us to give you the most out of it)!

1. Get In Touch!

An obvious but necessary part of the process! As soon as you’ve got a rough idea (or a full idea) of what you want to add to your home, get in touch with us:

Fill out our contact form here

Or give us a call on 07496 099446

2. Your Idea

Once you’ve reached out to us with a rough idea, we’ll discuss some of the specifics with you to get a full picture of what you’re looking for.

If you can, send us an email with images of the existing space that you’d like to use for the project, along with any design inspiration around what sort of style and design you’re after.

3. Get Your Quote

Once we’ve got a good idea of what you want, we’ll be able to put together the initial quotation for you. We can work remotely to establish the design requirements with you, or if needed, visit your home so that we can accurately quote for what is being built.

4. The Plans

After you accept the quotation, we can begin discussing more of the specifics with you in detail: any particular materials that you’d like to use and ideas around how to give you the functionality that you’re looking for.

We’ll present you with any ideas that we have that could improve the design and help make it work perfectly for your space!

5. Setting The Wheels In Motion

Once you’re happy with all of the ideas and the final plan for your bespoke build, we’ll come out to visit your home to undertake a full site survey so that we can make sure everything we’ve quoted for will work in practice. 

6. Ideas Become Reality

Now that everything’s officially confirmed and ready to go, we’ll source the chosen materials and begin building any pieces that are needed for your bespoke design in our workshop.

We’ll then bring any custom-made pieces to your home with the rest of the materials that we need to complete the installation!

7. Making Sure You’re Happy

Now that the project is complete and your new bespoke furniture has been installed, we’ll double check with you to make sure that you’re absolutely happy with everything! We pride ourselves on great customer service and satisfaction, so we’ll always make sure there’s nothing left to worry about, leaving you to enjoy your new space and its new functionality!