Making A Statement – How To Plan A TV Wall For A Luxury Living Room Experiences

By April 18, 2023TV Media Walls
bespoke tv media wall design completed for a lovely client in st albans

Sometimes you want to go big AND go home! Enjoying your own space in style can be a lot of fun, so why not make a statement and create something that’ll truly transform your home? Creating a TV Wall for a luxury living room experience is a great way to improve its design and give you a space for the ultimate free time entertainment system! Here’s how!

Choosing The Right Space

The first thing to get right is choosing where your new feature wall should be. This will help you to get the best experience from it and maximise its design potential!

The wall should be large enough to accommodate your TV and devices, as well as any additional storage features or built-in display units.

You should also bear in mind where you’ll be viewing the TV from, making sure that there’s enough space for your sofa and comfortable viewing angles.

Elevate Your Wall Storage And Displays

Taking your room from a standard space to a luxury one means making use of more high-end solutions. Take a free-standing cupboard or TV unit for example – turning it into a built-in storage nook not only gives you back floor space, but creates a much grander style too!

Think about which shelves or built-in storage design would best suit your display style. For an even more luxurious aesthetic, add lighting to the design to give it a powerful presence!

The Right TV

If it’s going to create a statement, the TV itself will also play a big role in the way your media wall transforms the room. Remember when we said ‘go big and go home’? Think along those lines with your TV too!

You should also bear a few other things in mind when picking your perfect TV, like keeping the frame thin for a modern, sleek look, and making sure that things like cables can be connected easily from the rear of the TV so that it can be mounted flush to the wall!

Conceal Everything!

As we’ve mentioned, the visual design of your TV wall will play a very important role in how much it can transform your space. One aspect of this is removing anything that’s distracting, messy, or chaotic.

Your TV wall’s design should make sure that all wires, cables, boxes, and devices (where possible) are concealed and out of sight. This will give you something truly pleasing to look at and will really help to emphasise the luxury style of your room!

Use Materials To Your Advantage

Any visible materials used for your design should of course match the high-end vibe that you’re going for. 

Whether creating a decorative panel to surround your TV, or adding beautiful display storage around it, carefully think about which materials will complement the design style you’re going for. 

Beautiful natural wood grains, various types of stone, and glass area all great for establishing a luxury look.


We feel that no luxury TV wall is complete without a stunning fireplace to add another level of mood to the room. 

Sleek electric fireplaces can easily be installed underneath the TV to add something interesting to an otherwise empty space. They look amazing, provide warmth to your room, and add a layer of magnificent style to give you a space that you’ll never want to leave!

TV Walls can be fantastic at creating a bold, luxurious statement in your home if planned and designed correctly! If you’d like to know more about TV wall design, just click here!