Designs That Last – The Best Materials To Choose And Use

When investing in your home’s design and furniture, you want to make sure they’re going to last and withstand frequent use. Not only will durability keep your home looking better for longer, but it gives you more return on your investment and helps to minimise material waste!

So what materials are there that you can choose from that will help your next piece to live for longer?

Solid Natural Woods

There are loads of natural woods to choose from and many are great for furniture and built-in designs thanks to their strength and durability!

They’re resistant to scratches and dents and do not break or bend easily, giving you a functional design that will withstand use and the wear and tear of your home. Many also have unique grain patterns which looks beautiful in any setting and give each piece a distinctive, bespoke appearance.

Engineered Woods

Engineered woods can also be a fantastic option for bespoke furniture and home designs thanks to its resistance to larger temperature ranges and exposure to moisture. This helps it to keep its great condition over time and reduces the risks of warping and cracking.

They’re also easy to work with when compared to many other materials and can withstand significant pressure, allowing them to be designed and built into strong configurations that won’t suffer under regular use or intense weight!


Another great choice of material to incorporate into bespoke furniture designs is steel. It’s incredibly strong, it’s resistant to scratches and dents, it’s super versatile, and it can have a beautiful modern look!

Whatever design it is, steel can help it to last longer both by providing the design with a sturdy build quality and by giving it the hardiness it needs so it that won’t be tarnished easily by frequent and intense use.


Similar to natural woods, there are plenty of different types of stone you can choose from. Granite, marble, and quartz are all great materials that are commonly found in homes, thanks to their beautiful natural look and durability.

For the most part, these stones are resistant to scratches and also heat, making them great for fireplaces, tabletops, and kitchen surfaces.

It’s important to consider that they’re heavy materials, which means they should only be used where it makes sense. A piece of furniture that needs to be moved around regularly for example, may become too impractical if lots of stone is used.

Choosing The Right Materials

It can be hard to pinpoint the right materials for your designs – each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks which could make it great for one thing, but a nuisance for something else.

If you’re after a furniture design or home improvement that will add to the style and functionality of your home, but aren’t sure which materials to use or where to get started, feel free to send us a message about your design requirements over on our contact page!

We can help you to identify bespoke options that will suit your exact design goals!