Clever Storage Hacks For Your Small Spaces

By February 16, 2022Space, Storage
storage in your furniture - clever storage hacks for your small spaces!

Storage is one of those things – it’s an important element to the design of your home, but you don’t want it getting in the way or cramping your space. But what if you could add style to your home AND have more storage space EVEN IF you’re tight on space? We’ve got some great hacks that might just be the solution for you!

Hanging Storage

One of the best ways to add some stylish storage to your home is to make use of some space you almost certainly haven’t used yet – your ceiling! Hanging shelves or items straight from your ceiling can look amazing and it opens up opportunities for if you’ve got less floor space. You could store anything from kitchenware, plants, and clothes, to things like books and music!

Corner Shelving

Corners are often disregarded as empty space that’s not useful, but why not liven them up with some nifty storage? There are loads of options for corner storage like high shelves, tiered or stacked shelves, and bespoke corner cabinets. Even in the kitchen, corner space is often wasted but there are some amazing options that transform them in absolute style! Check out our bespoke kitchens page to learn more about Ninka’ innovative kitchen corner solutions.

Image sourced from woodmasterwoodworks.com

Handy Hooks

Hooks are a fantastic storage idea for small rooms and spaces because you can put them virtually anywhere! On your ceiling to hang clothes and baskets. On your walls to hang jackets or kitchen utensils. On the back of your doors to hang laundry baskets . Inside cupboards and wardrobes to neatly store extra items. The list goes on! With the right hooks and placements you can even improve the visual design of your space!

In-Your-Furniture Storage

Another great storage hack for small spaces is to hide it! Most people have everyday furniture that could be doing more towards storage efforts – chairs and seating could have hidden storage in the base, tables can have built-in drawers or a deep top that can be lifted and filled, and beds can have huge storage spaces in them or built into the headboard.

Image sourced from creativefurniturestore.com

Under or In The Stairs

Building storage under or into your stairs brings a certain wow-factor to your home. How cool is it that you can slide each step open and fill it with useful things, or slide huge drawers out of the side of your steps? And, it’s space that you could never otherwise use which gives you a surprising amount of extra space!                                       

Image sourced from fifimcgee.co.uk

Mirrored Storage

This is a nifty trick that helps you add storage to a room without making it feel dark and small. Whilst plenty of small spaces are able to fit a wardrobe or cupboard, it may make the room feel disproportionally smaller and darker. Making the outsides of your storage mirrors will really help to maintain the light and perception of a larger, more spacious room!

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are an obvious choice for adding storage if it doesn’t already have it. Again, this is space that is otherwise hollow or simply unused, so why not make more of it? There are many creative ways to add storage to a kitchen island, whether it’s deep drawers, built-in shelving, or even additional fridge and freezer space!

Optimise Existing Storage

This bonus hack is an easy one that lets you get much more out of what you already have. You may feel as though you’re at your storage limits, but are you really getting all that you could of something? For example, add dividers to drawers so that you can tightly pack items and find them more easily. Add hooks to the tops of your cabinets in order to hang pots or cooking equipment, or additional clothes and shoes. Or, add more tiers to your drawers and cabinets so that you have more shelf space without taking up an inch more of your home!