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The ‘must have’ kitchen addition for storage lovers.

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Who doesn’t love a bit of Retro-vintage? Whilst there are certain creations in this world that can’t be reinvented, such as the wheel, there are many that have been re-designed over the decades to meet the needs of that particular decade’s consumer.

The Kitchen Pantry is one such creation. Popular from the 1920’s onwards, this essential piece of kitchen furniture stored consumables such as eggs, bread and milk. Some even had pull out tables so that the family could sit around them for dinner. This was an innovative and important space saver often found in the shared housing of the big towns during the war.Today’s Kitchen Pantry has changed…a little! ‘The Kitchen Pantry Unit’ is to today’s kitchen, what the ‘Little Black Dress’ is to fashion. Think storage with style, practicality with panache.

Forget the conventional base units where you get down on your knees, hoping to locate the tin of tomatoes you know is hiding somewhere at the back. Today’s kitchen pantry is a joy to behold for those who love a bit of storage. Typically fitted with drawers, racks and lighting, some even have the toaster, coffee machine and espresso cups neatly stored away behind closed doors, ready to get your day started.

If you’re looking at kitchen design and are partial to very clever storage, get in touch today and let us help you create your ideal kitchen.

Where do you store your favourite recipe books?

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Think Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Mary Berry…these names are often found on the well-loved recipe books of many a passionate home cook. Whether your love is for baking the perfect Victoria sandwich, making homemade pasta or cooking a ham in cola, despite these recipe books having been through the cooking mill and likely splattered with ingredients of the recipe from previous cooks, they will undoubtedly get pulled out time and time again.

Today’s kitchens often have storage considered for the pots and pans, drawers for cutlery and baking supplies and cupboards to house the cereal and dry goods. What they often don’t have, is a place to hold the often-large number of recipe books that are required to create these tasty morsels. Books are one of those things that just don’t seem like they should be tucked away at the back of a regular kitchen cupboards or stowed away in drawers. We all need somewhere to store those precious books with ease of access. A place where they are visible, as well as adding colour to your kitchen. We believe such a place exists – welcome to the Kitchen Island Library.

We work with our clients to understand what that really want from their new kitchen. From storage to appliances, worksurface to flooring, we are with them every step of the way, creating their dream kitchen space. Get in touch today and lets talk kitchen design.

Two questions for you……when is a hob not just a hob and when is a down-draft extractor not just a down-draft extractor?

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For many these questions may not be up there with ‘To be or not to be….’ but if you are looking at having a beautiful, modern kitchen installed and you want to avoid the age-old issues of a home filled with odours of garlic and old cooking oil, then these questions will be as important to you as the colour scheme you’ve spent hours if not weeks mulling over.

The Extractor Hood has been around for many years, removing airborne grease from the cooking process, eradicating unwanted smells such as re-used cooking oil and the sometimes too strong stench of garlic, not to mention heat and steam using ether a flexible or rigid duct. There is no regulation stipulating that you have one as such, however the benefits it brings to your overall cooking experience should not be underestimated. Styles have evolved from the traditional wall-mounted canopy hood, to more linear steel and glass designs. These pieces of kit are not just functional(stopping your house smelling like last night’s dinner) they can be a real stylish addition to your kitchen.

The creators at BORA have produced a hob with an inbuilt down-draft extractor that pulls steam and odours down and away at four times the rate that they are produced. In BORA’s own words they describe this as ‘UNLIMITED FREEDOM. – MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY FOR THE KITCHEN’.

View the video to understand what you expect from this amazing cooking hob. 

  • Intuitive control with a control panel operating by a swipe action of your index finger
  • Minimum volume even when being used on high power level
  • Simple cleaning thanks to the easy removal of all parts that can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • An oversized cooking surface with space for up to 4 pots measuring 24cm at the same time
  • The minimalistic design blends in discreetly with any modern kitchen design
  • A wide range of cooktops are available from surface induction to gas or Tepan stainless steel
  • An automatic extractor power level that adjusts itself to your current cooking conditions
  • Time and energy saving in abundance with the precise and rapid heating abilities

We’d love to discuss how we can incorporate this amazing product in the design of your new kitchen, get in touch today and let us help you breathe fresh life into your kitchen space.

The Kitchen – a brief history in time

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Home is definitely where the heart is and for many of us, the kitchen is the heartbeat itself. It’s the first port of call for many after a hard day’s work. Some will head straight to the sink, armed with the kettle for a well-deserved cup of tea. For others a glass of chilled white wine could do the trick and then there’s those who grab themselves a beer, flip off the cap and let the stresses of the day disperse in a nice, cool glass of beer. Whatever your ‘poison’ at the end of a busy day, this now versatile room with all its amazing gadgetry and Wi-Fi technology has become the mainstay of many a home. So, we thought we’d take you back to a time when the kitchen was a little humbler, than it is now.

We may think that the modern-day kitchen is just that, inspired and formed from modern day living, a creation from the ‘noughties’. ‘Quaint and outdated’ we may think when we look back at images of kitchens from previous decades, however these cooking spaces from yester-year have played a part influencing the spaces we now cook and socialise in. Each era has brought with it, its own obsession from that time.

In early 1900, Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana, invented refrigerators for home and domestic use with models consisting of a unit that was mounted on top of an ice box.

The 1920’s were viewed as ‘sanitation conscious’, think all-white kitchens that are clean enough to eat your lunch off.

The advent of early ‘appliance technology’ in the 1930’s, brought with it a real change in how we were able to prepare food and beverages. Thanks to appliances from General Electric, such as the electric kettle with automatic cut-out, making a cup of tea became a whole lot easier.

The 1940’s introduced us to food storage in the format of Tupperware containers, developed by Earl Silas Tupper in Massachusetts. Due to rationing because of the war, preserving also became popular in this decade.

The 1950’s saw the first non-stick pan produced and the invention of the microwave oven.

The 1960’s brought a leap in change for the humble kitchen. New technology enabled most fridges to have a freezer compartment below the refrigerator. Ovens and hobs were built into cabinets, both portable and inbuilt dishwashers becoming the norm, Washer and Dryer machines were now able to clean and dry clothes in less time and with fewer wrinkles than before. 

The 70’s brought with it the Breville toasted sandwich maker, the Swan Teasmade and the Soda Stream.(who didn’t want a Soda Stream maker?)

The 1980’s bought with it the birth of television cooking shows such as Food and Drink, followed by Ready Steady Cook in the 1990’s, in early 2000 Saturday Kitchen launched and is still running to this day.

That leads us back to the modern-day kitchen….stunning floor to ceiling cabinets, concrete work surfaces, high speed ovens that clean themselves, induction hobs that go from cold to hot to cold instantaneously, music piped seamlessly through invisible speakers, boiling water straight from the tap with no need for a kettle and a flat screen TV to catch up on the latest Netflix box set.

Yester-years kitchens have helped to create the kitchen of today, get in touch with us on 07496 099446 and we will help to create your kitchen of the future.