7 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer

By March 15, 2022Uncategorized

When it comes to designing a home or certain space, people often think that hiring an interior designer is “too expensive” or they “won’t design something that represents me” – however that’s not the case. Good interior designers will work with you to design something that you truly love, and will help you budget your dream project without skipping any of the details. And that’s not all! Here are seven great reasons to hire an interior designer.

Stop Stressing

Designing and renovating a space is incredibly stressful, especially when you’re doing it on your own with little experience or knowledge. You’ve got to budget, plan, source materials and furnishings, find builders and electricians, or do it all yourself! Either way, you’ll probably be pulling your hair out trying to cohesively bring it all together!

By hiring an interior designer, all that stress melts away and designing your new space actually becomes enjoyable. The experience and knowledge of an interior designer will allow them to work closely with you and easily organise everything that would otherwise be way too much to handle!


One of the most important elements of any design project is the budget. Knowing you can afford the design you’ve always wanted or knowing you’ll actually be able to finish what you’ve started is key. When working on your own, you’ll never be able to budget a full project accurately – how much is the work going to cost, how much will materials be, what about that new plumbing that you hadn’t even thought about yet?

An interior designer will be able to plan your project from start to finish and give you a very good idea of the overall cost. This allows you to understand the full cost before getting started, so you’ll actually be able to finish with no surprises along the way!


Interior designers have a wide range of industry contacts in your area, which can help you out in several ways. It’ll save you time, reduce your stress, and ensure that you’re always getting the best quality work done.

Your designer will be able to find reliable, quality contractors, plumbers, and electricians that will get the job done professionally, avoiding any mistakes that could otherwise be made.


Certain planning elements can often go overlooked when you’re not an expert, which can really hamper your design further down the line, or incur huge extra costs that you may not be able to afford. 

Planning for absolutely everything – including things you might not have thought about like switches, plugs, and wall mounts – will help you to complete your dream design without having to change things last minute or miss out certain elements altogether. 

The Perfect Space

No matter which space you want to design, an interior designer will help you do this to perfection. Thanks to experience in doing this over and over again, they’ll be able to maximise your space in the most creative ways.

For example, at Fitted Interiors by Lime, using detailed 3D design technology we’re able to construct a model of your room, which allows us to work with every last centimetre of space before finalising a design. Using this model, we can perfectly fit design features and furniture to the spaces available in your room, leaving nothing to waste!


One aspect that’ll help you to get the most out of your design and home is an innovative addition. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, improving your bathroom, or reimagining your living space, innovative design and features will make it more impressive as well as more functional.

Interior designers are always up to date on the latest and greatest features, furniture, and equipment that could take your design to new heights. What may have been a good kitchen goes to being an advanced room that’s filled with the latest tech and design that you may never even have known about! Once it’s all finished, you’ll get more out of your new space than you even thought possible.

Wow Factor

When you’re designing your dream home, you want it to be amazing. Spending months redesigning for it only to be a minor improvement seems like a waste. That’s where interior designers can really help – thinking outside the box and pushing design boundaries is what they do! 

During the design process, they’ll think differently and find new solutions that inexperienced homeowners would never spot. In doing so, they’ll give your new design a true wow factor with something special, unique, and a perfect match for your dream room.