Transforming the ‘great’ into the extraordinary.

By March 15, 2019Kitchen

We love kitchens – it’s what we do. We create stunning, beautiful and contemporary spaces for our clients to cook and entertain in.

Part of the job that we love, is finding unusual and unique additions to really make a kitchen stand out from the rest. We’re always looking to find that ‘something special’, that will turn your kitchen from ‘something great’ to ‘something extraordinary’.

We’re in the process of designing a fantastic kitchen which we feel does that in abundance. In shades of white and grey, we’re incorporating a beautiful worktop with stylish floor to ceiling wall units, using some unusual materials. The end result as shown here from the 3D design stage, we feel is a thing of beauty.

One of the real ‘wow’ elements of this kitchen is the extractor fan which we feel resembles more a piece of suspended art, than just a functional extractor fan. Gone are the days when the kitchen extractor fan needed to be large, bulky and tank-like.  Extractor fan design has come a long way and fans these days are created to complement your dream kitchen, as well as to be functional. Many will opt for the brushed steel chimney hood, however as these images show, there are other options available.

If you’re considering replacing your old kitchen and want something that will stand out from the rest, get in touch with the team at Lime Interiors today on  07496 099446.